Sell Your Local Expertise Online

Making money online is not a easy thing for the common people, though there are tons of way to make money online, but most of these online money making opportunities not only require you have some special skills, but also require you create a blog or even build a website. At present, there is a new on-line money making method, which does not require you to possess any special skills. As long as you live on earth, you can earn money. Maybe you will say that's too good to be true. For my part, it is certainly right. The reasons for my persistence on this point are as follows. (If you live on Mars, please ignore the following assumption). Suppose that you live on earth and there is no doubt you live in a city or town, are there many outsiders or foreigners having travel or business trip in your city every year? (Do not tell me that your city is isolated from the world. Even for the most primitive forest tribes, there must be some people having a visit.) They must know nothing about the city, so that they greatly long for recognizing which accommodation of your city is the most substantial and cheapest, which scenic spots are worth visiting and which snack is authentic before arriving at the city. However, you are so familiar with them. If you provide the information to them, are they willing to pay for you? It is regarded as a matter of course. Maybe if you introduce a good hotel to them, you can help them save hundreds of dollars. Maybe you will also ask how to know who will come to visit your city and how they can find you. Now, a website Cityknown has come into being, which welcomes the local people to provide the 'Custom Trip Planning Service'. You can earn $10 when planning a one-day schedule. Namely, it is also called "Ten-dollar Service". What you want to do is to register at and agree to provide "Ten-dollar Service" during website registration. Then, your head image will be presented in the homepage of the city. The travelers who visit your city can click your head image and require you to provide "Ten-dollar Service", while what you can do is to create a travel itinerary for the customer. The amount of the money earned relies on the days that the customer visits your city. If he stays for 10 days, you need to create a 10-day travel itinerary for him. As a result, you can earn $100. Without doubt, as a local people, you have no difficulty in formulating such plan due to your rich experience of daily life in local city, such as diet, accommodation, traveling, shopping, entertainment, etc. As long as you make the customer understood towards the schedule, they will not be critical to your writing skill. What's more, as an old saying goes, "no pain, no gain", which is also right for the easy things, unless your father is a millionaire. It is absolutely a perfect money-making method for the tour guides and travel lovers. They not only know their own cities like the the back of his hand, but also realize how to please the travelers. Moreover, you can provide other service besides "Ten-dollar Service", such as "Tour Guiding", "Ticket Service", "Package Tours", "Car Service", "Vacation Rentals", etc. If the customer shows great interest in your travel plan, you may be fortunately appointed as his private tour guide. Or, he may prefer to take part in your "Package Tours", so that you can earn more money.

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